Project Statement:Statistically Speaking

"Statistics is the first of the inexact sciences. "Edmond de Goncourt

What I can say… Statistically Speaking is the latest project I’ve been developing since 2009. The first stage of this work comprises the process of reproducing statistical data obtained from different internet sources from international organisations which endeavour to provide up to date data on the global social panorama, on issues such as the economy, poverty, education, health, culture and censuses of the population at large.

The information obtained from these international sources is then reproduced in three dimensional format in a photographic scenario whilst the end product of this project is in two dimensions. I also use video to recreate news linked to the above mentioned issues, extracted from different international news agencies.

Overall, this project is conceived as a single installation in the form of a series of reports on the global socio-economic situation, using typical components of a corporate stand at an international trade fair. The end result which confronts spectators is.. but that’s all I can say.